My favorite thing about family photography sessions is that they’re always so unique. Your lifestyle session and images won’t look like anybody else’s because your family isn’t like any other!

Let’s embrace everything that makes your family so special. If you can avoid getting too attached to a specific idea of how everything should go, you’ll be free to just enjoy the session. Your photo shoot should be fun, relaxed, and driven by the moment.

Leave the Storytelling to Me

As your family photographer, I’m there to tell a story of love, laughter, and fun. I don’t want you to worry about if the kids are posing, looking the right direction, or whatnot. Kids are full of energy and life! Whatever they’re doing is what we want to capture.

I have two littles of my own, and they are balls of chaos that follow their whims. This trait is something I really love about little kids! I bet your kiddos are the same way, right? When they’re free to play and interact in their own special way, I can capture the magic of their childhood.

You won’t need to try to direct them, ask them to move, or anything along those lines. I just want you to jump in there and play with those babies! Be your adorable, loving selves, and let me worry about the rest.

Be Part of the Story

If you’re like me, it might feel a bit uncomfortable to be in front of a camera, and you might not know what to do. My suggestion: pretend I’m not even there! To get photos of you looking happy with your kids, just be happy with them. All you have to do is talk to them and play, just like you would on a regular day. The joy will come through naturally!

After the first few minutes, I’m sure you’ll feel a lot more relaxed and your kids will help you shine. These photos of your whole family together will be something you can all cherish for many years to come. If you can get past any awkwardness you feel, I promise you’re going to be so glad you were in the shots with your babies.

Let the Kids Guide our Time

One thing my preschooler has taught me is that the ordinary moments can truly be extraordinary. Kids can always find an adventure! By letting the little ones lead the session, we can be sure that they’ll be having fun. A happy kiddo always leads to better photos! Instead of us trying to direct them, which can sometimes just lead to tears, plan to follow and join them in whatever they think looks exciting. Whatever they pick won’t be wrong.

But What Should We Wear?

Ok, one thing you do want to think about at least a little bit is your clothes. “What should I wear?” is definitely one of the more common questions I hear as a photographer!

You don’t need to go out and buy fancy new outfits for everybody, because you still want everybody to look like themselves. You all have your style and it’s important to stay true to that.

At the same time, you do want to everyone look nice too. So, think about those outfits you have that are a little bit dressy, but still comfortable. Wearing something that makes you feel good is sure to make you more confidant, and being comfy will let you have fun!

You don’t want the family to be too matchy-matchy, but coordinating is perfect! Having a theme is a great way to do this: Cute and Casual in cool tones, neutral colors in a Bohemian style, or bold Urban style.

If you still need help, don’t fret! As part of our pre-consultation I’m happy to help you pick your outfits, or I can set you up with a styling service if you don’t like anything in your closet.

Basically, Don’t Overthink It

All of that has been a lot of words to say this: don’t overthink things. Trying to plan too many details ahead of time will just end in stress when something inevitably doesn’t go as expected. We will of course chat about some details before the session and have a basic roadmap for it, but we will also just go with the flow and have a great time!

I hope this helps put your mind at ease but if you have any questions about your session at all, don’t hesitate to reach out!