Happy Birthday Zoe!

My tiny girl.. okay who am I kidding, she was never actually a tiny baby, especially compared to her peanut of an older brother.. anyway, my last baby turned one earlier this year and my heart as not ready! I've said it before and I'll say it again: these kids grow way too fast and before you know it they're off to their next big milestone.

There's no way I could let her birthday pass without putting a cake in front of her to destroy, and I wanted to give you a peek into our world for a minute.

Before she got too messy, we gave her some birthday gifts to open. She absolutely LOVED tearing wrapping paper! I'm not surprised really, you should see what she does when she gets her hands on a tissue.. it almost instantly becomes confetti.

After she opened up her gifts, Miles came along to read her new book with her, it was very sweet. After learning about some of the things she can be when she grows up (ABC What Can She Be?) it was time for a cake! I baked her a vanilla cake and decorated it with swirly flower cream cheese frosting... she was not impressed. She sure is cute though!